Electric Shuffle: An Earnies evening out

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Most of us came into Electric Shuffle not knowing what the game was at all, however most left feeling like pros. I can testify to this as I started of performing very badly, then eventually, if I do say myself, I got a hang of it and learnt that the key is a light-handed touch.  Prior to arriving at Electric Shuffle, we all went to an outside restaurant/bar where I had one of the best burgers. Big shout out to Ollie for making me analyse and appreciate burgers more than I used to. Firstly, we lined up to take our

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Black History Month: Find out more with our recommended podcasts, films and books

Hi all, First of all, a big thank you to Sonia for sharing and educating us on black history and culture! Thank you to everyone that attended the first and second Black History Month session, and if you missed it, don’t worry! A link to the sessions will be shared very soon!  To keep you ticking over until the next session, here are some extra links and resources for you to find out more. In

Food & Drink

Sam’s egg quesadilla

I am not one for writing. So much easier for me to just show you what’s rocking my luncheon world this week.

Good food, good mood

After a long day of working from home, my all-time-favourite thing to do is to pour myself a glass of wine (or

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